Buy bitcoins with gift cards

You can buy bitcoins with the gift card that most brands, online stores and shopping centers offer. This guide will present every step you need to follow to successfully exchange your gift card balance for bitcoins.
Buy bitcoin with gift card

Paxful is the best place to purchase bitcoin with your gift card:

  1. First you need to sign up on Paxful, which will only take a few minutes.
  2. Then you need to get your gift card and purchase receipt, since sellers tend to ask for a picture.
  3. Use the search engine and select the buy bitcoins option.
  4. Paxful search

  5. In the last box search and select “Amazon Gift Card” or any option that interests you.
  6. Click on the search button and you’ll find a list with all the sellers who are willing to accept your gift card in exchange for bitcoins.
  7. Make sure to check the seller’s exchange rate and their reputation.
  8. Seller reputation

  9. Once you’ve chosen the right seller, the transaction will only take a few minutes.

Gift cards with which you can buy bitcoins

Keep in mind that there are several sites where you can currently exchange your card’s balance for Bitcoins, but I will focus on Paxful and LocalBitcoins because you can find the most active users there. Although you will also find Paybis as an alternative method, since it’s a reliable trading place.

Amazon Gift Card Changing an Amazon Gift Card for Bitcoins

  • In Paxful and other exchanges, sellers ask for a physical card and for the purchase to have been made with cash, as they don’t usually accept e-code.
  • The code that appears on the card and on the receipt must match (you must send a picture).
  • When the seller redeems the code in the store, he will pay you back in bitcoins.
  • The entire operation will be registered in the platform, which also acts as an intermediary.

Visa Gift Card Exchanging a Visa Gift Card for bitcoins

  • You’ll be able to find several sellers who sell these cards in the United States in Paxful, and most of them promise a quick person-to-person transaction.
  • The sellers will ask for a photo ID, for the receipt or to only trade physical cards.
  • They will prefer prepaid non-rechargeable cards that were purchased with cash.
  • To close the deal, you’ll need to send them the card’s expiration date and CVV code. Once the seller checks the balance, they will transfer the bitcoins to your wallet.
You can exchange:
Onevanilla Gift Visa / MasterCard
Vanilla Gift Visa / MasterCard ( /
Visa / MasterCard Gift Cards (Pre-Paid/Non-reloadable)
American Express Gift Card
Walmart Visa Gift
Epay Gift Visa

iTunes gift card Changing an iTunes gift cards for Bitcoins

  • Sellers are more willing to accept physical cards than electronic codes (USA iTunes), with balances that do not exceed $ 100.
  • To start the deal, contact the seller and state your balance.
  • Once they accept the deal, you’ll need to send them a clear picture of your card.
  • The seller will check that everything is correct and then release the bitcoins, which will be deposited directly into your wallet.

Apple Store gift card Changing your Apple Store gift card for bitcoins

  • In this case, you’ll be able to find sellers who accept E-codes and balances over 3000 USD.
  • Contact the seller and indicate the balance you want to exchange.
  • Send your card’s code, add an image of the email Apple sent you or a picture of the physical card.
  • For high value transactions, the bitcoins will be released only when the card has been verified.

  • Safe deposit
  • Live chat
  • Exchanges up to $3000
Go to Paxful

Advantages and disadvantages of this purchase method

  • It’s very practical if you want to get bitcoins with your gift card, but keep in mind that you’ll often be paying an average of $1.50 for each dollar.
  • The average amount that sellers usually accept for each exchange, ranges from a minimum of 10 USD to a maximum of 1000 USD.

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