What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is like a rain of free tokens or crypto coins. Its receivers are people engaged in a blockchain-based project and who are a part of that community, either by maintaining a quantity of coins in their wallets, or by contributing to the project in some other way.

Requirements to receive their coins

One of the most recent examples would be Ethereum Classic, where a snapshot of their blockchain will be taken at a given time to verify the addresses that store coins. Once the snapshot has been taken, one Callisto token will be issued for each Ethereum Classic token stored at the moment the snapshot was taken.

So if you want to benefit from any of these events, you should keep your eyes peeled for airdrop announcements and maintain an amount of that currency until the snapshot of that blockchain is taken. You may store it in an official wallet, but you should always have access to your private keys.

A crypto airdrop is a marketing campaign

Many ICOs and blockchain-based projects have discovered that the best way to advertise their currency and increase their value is distributing a small amount among users.

So in exchange for issuing a few free coins, we have companies that gain value, and increase their user base and number of followers in social networks.

The formulas used to obtain cryptocurrencies through an airdrop are many; we may get them via faucets, by performing small tasks that help the project, or by getting in touch via forms which tell of the value that we can offer to their community.