Callisto (CLO) Airdrop for Ethereum Classic holders

Putting aside speculations about a possible price increase before the airdrop takes place, this is a manual for ETC holders wishing to receive the Callisto tokens that are soon to be released:

  • A snapshot of the Ethereum Classic blockchain will be taken at block 5500000, so as to know how much ETC is held by each of the addresses.
  • The Airdrop will become effective on March 5, 2018, and one CLO will be issued for every ETC we are holding.

Some are mistaking it for an ETC hard fork, but this will not be the case. Callisto will be a currency that will be used in a new blockchain focused on testing new scalability solutions or miner rewards.

Essential requirements to receive your CLO

If you want to receive your Callisto tokens, you will just need to make sure that you have your ETC in a wallet where you control your private keys.

Developers remind us that wallets are simply an interface we can use to access Ethereum Classic’s Blockchain, so if you control your private keys, you own your tokens, and you will always be able to export your account to any other compatible wallet to claim your Callisto.

My ETC are in an exchange

All exchanges dealing in ETC will receive the Callisto currency, but that does not mean that they will distribute it among their users. So if you have your tokens in an exchange, get in touch with its customer service or read the latest news, and make sure they are going to distribute the CLO.

Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex and Kraken have made no statement in this regard, and it is recommended that you do not store your tokens there.

Wallets that support the airdrop

Some compatible wallets have already announced that they will support this airdrop and that they will issue our Callisto to us, so we will have to do nothing to claim them:

Wallets for smartphones

The ones I am recommending below have already officially announced that they will support Callisto:



Online wallet

classic ether wallet ClassicEtherWallet

Chrome Extension

ClassicMask ClassicMask

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